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creating exceptional
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leasing management

Vecino ManagEment

Ithaca Arthaus is maintained by Vecino Management a property management company specializing in affordable housing in the New York area. 

Through a commitment to safety, innovation and excellence, they strive to create a community that not only enhances the lives of all residents, but also has a positive impact on the greater Ithaca community. 

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Supportive partner

tompkins community action

TCAction collaborates with individuals and organizations to sustain and improve economic opportunity and social justice for families and individuals impacted directly or indirectly by poverty. At Ithaca Arthaus, they will coordinate resident services for transition age youth including case management and education.

arts partner

The cherry arts, inc.

The Cherry Arts, Inc. is responsible for administering and programming the Arthaus gallery & studios spaces that expands on the current Cherry Arts mission of service to the arts community. The Arthaus program will enable the Cherry to add spaces dedicated to visual art, salon performance, and rehearsal to programming, and most excitingly, to directly engage and serve a resident population of artists and working-class families.

owner / developer

the vecino group

The Vecino Group is a company devoted to development for the greater good. Every project we touch—affordable, supportive or otherwise—must address a broader need, set an example, give back and inspire the people working on it with a sense of higher purpose.

Ithaca Arthaus does all these things. More than a supportive space for independent living, it is a community for creating social growth, as people reach across ability boundaries to create lasting friendships and add their unique contributions to the world.